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Vorschau: Erich Strenger and Porsche - English
Erich Strenger and Porsche - English
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Mats Kubiak

Erich Strenger and Porsche - English

A graphical report

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Erich Strenger (1922-1993) - an author, photographer, designer and illustrator - left his mark on the look of Porsche during the company's formative years in the early '50s and '60s with a design language that, for the most part, continues to bear his signature to this day, along with countless print products for the successful maker of sports cars, including Christophorus - Zeitschrift für die Freunde des Hauses Porsche, the brainchild of Erich Strenger and Richard von Frankenberg. Over the course of a collaborative relationship with Porsche spanning more than thirty years, the graphic artist, who started out working alone, founded an advertising agency in the heart of Stuttgart with a staff of up to eleven permament employees. There, Strenger would later create countless racing posters, much like he had designed in his early days of working for Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche KG as a freelancer in the early '50s.

Through his work, he was instrumental in influecing and molding the image of the Porsche brand as we know it today. This book about Erich Strenger showcases a first-ever comprehensive collection of his work created over the course of his collaboration with Porsche between 1951 and 1988. However, this monographic and monothematic publication does not claim to be an all-encompassing catalog of his body of work. It brings the noteworthy highlights of his work to the forefront to focus attention on the designer's approaches and methods.

  • Auflage: 1. Auflage 2017
  • Verlag: Delius Klasing
  • Ausstattung: Gebunden
  • ISBN: 978-3-667-11023-7
  • Seiten: 186
  • Format: 19.4 x 25.7 cm
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